Congratulations ADC Michigan

August 30, Washington DC — The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee would like to congratulate ADC Regional Director Imad Hamad and ADC Michigan Deputy Director, Rana Abbas for their appointment to the State of Michigan Commission on Arab and Chaldean American Affairs by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm.
The function of the Commission, which includes 30 other members from throughout the State, is to act in an advisory capacity to the Governor and alert her of pertinent issues within the Arab American community. The Commission will also make recommendations about programs and policies for the betterment of Arab and Chaldean Americans in Michigan, and will help promote public awareness of Arab and Chaldean culture and accomplishments. For a complete list of appointees, visit:,1687,7-168–99814–,00.html
“I have a vision of building ‘One Michigan’ in which all people have an equal opportunity at fulfilling their dreams and are welcomed into our inclusive community,” stated Granholm. “I believe that by creating this commission, we will be one step closer to realizing this ideal.”
ADC would like to commend Governor Granholm on this important initiative. ADC Regional Director Imad Hamad said, “The formation of such a commission will help to foster greater understanding and contribute to the advancement of our State.” He added, “The Arab and Chaldean American community now have another opportunity to enhance their active participation in the State’s affairs and contribute to Michigan’s future.”

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