Community Pulse: Presidential Survey Results

Washington, D.C. | | May 20, 2024 – ADC and the Truth Project have launched Community Pulse – an initiative to gauge Arab American perspectives on issues that directly impact the community. Between the dates of May 17 – May 18, ADC and the Truth Project surveyed to measure vote choice in the upcoming Presidential election amongst Arab American voters, and our allies. 

The results show that only 7% of Arab American voters plan on voting for President Biden in the upcoming general election. GOP Candidate Donald Trump has less support, with only 2% committed to casting a ballot for the Former President this November.

Since the start of the genocide, many have speculated about who Arab Americans would vote for – Biden or Trump. The answer is neither, with third-party candidates getting substantial support.

Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party Candidate received the most support at 25%. Dr. Stein is running on an anti-genocide platform and has been a strong and vocal supporter of Palestine her entire career. Dr. Cornel West, who is running as an independent, is at 20% support. Dr. West has also stood for Palestine and Palestinian human rights throughout his entire career.

The Uncommitted option received 23% support. Currently, 19% of respondents plan on voting in November but are undecided about who they will vote for. 3% of voters plan on not voting, however, that number increases to 5% in battleground states.

The same remains consistent in battleground states, with Dr. Jill Stein and Dr. Cornel West receiving 25% and 17% of the vote, respectively. Biden and Trump received 7% and 2% respectively.

36,139 Arab American and allied voters all matched to the voter file were asked a simple question: Who are you voting for in November? Within hours 2,196 responded (6%) indicating a high level of enthusiasm amongst our community to engage on this topic.

As the 2024 Presidential election approaches, it is evident that Arab American and allied voters are supporting candidates who are listening to our concerns and demands. 

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What is Community Pulse?

Community Pulse is opinion and sentiment research designed by Arab Americans to understand the issues that most affect Arab Americans. Grounded in the principle of “For Community, By Community” Community Pulse is not just about research; it’s about strengthening our community and ensuring that our voices, stories, and issues are heard and addressed.

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