ADC at Coachella: Celebrating Culture and Heritage

Coachella, CA | | April 19, 2023 – As we continue to celebrate Arab Culture and Heritage this month, ADC is in Coachella, CA, working with community and concert organizers to celebrate diversity and inclusion. We are proud to be part of the Annual Mobius Conference held in the Valley during the Coachella Music Festival. The conference brings together individuals and organizations committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in various fields such as technology, entertainment, and the arts.

Our participation is particularly meaningful given the longstanding relationship with the residents of Coachella area and surrounding cities in the Valley. In 2014 ADC worked with local leaders to raise awareness about the need to eliminate racial stereotypes and foster an environment of inclusivity and respect. Since then, ADC has made regular trips to Coachella and continues to build a strong bond with the residents of the city and region.

This year, ADC is represented in Coachella by Communications Manager, Ms. Jasmine Hawamdeh. She will be speaking at the Thought Collective to share the organization’s unwavering commitment to promoting justice for marginalized communities. The event will provide an opportunity for community members to learn more about the Arab American community, and ADC’s mission and efforts to defend civil rights and combat discrimination. In addition to the conference, ADC is in Coachella to celebrate Elyanna’s groundbreaking performances at Coachella, where she made history as the first Arab performer at the festival, and performed her entire set in Arabic. Elyanna’s achievement is a testament to the growing recognition of Arab artists in the mainstream music industry. ADC met with members of Elyannas team and shared our appreciation for her work and celebration of our identity with such a wide audience.  ADC’s annual participation in the Mobius Conference at Coachella Valley underscores its ongoing commitment to promoting and celebrating Arab American Heritage  and our dedication to building stronger, more inclusive communities across the United States.

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