Capitol Hill Press Conference on Secret Evidence

ADC Press Release:
Washington, D.C. Oct. 27– The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination
Committee (ADC) will join House Democratic Whip David E. Bonior (D-MI), Rep. Tom Campbell (R-CA) and Hany Kiareldeen, a Palestinian immigrant released from detention this week, after being held for 19 months by the Immigration and Naturalization Service under “secret evidence” for a press conference on Capitol Hill.
The Anti-Terrorism and Effect Death Penalty Act of 1996 allows the INS to arrest, detain and deport non-citizens on the basis of “secret evidence‘ – evidence whose source and substance is not revealed to the potential deportees or their counsel.
Reps. Bonior and Campbell have introduced legislation (H.R. 2121) that would repeal the authority to use secret evidence in immigration cases. Kiareldeen‘s release and court rulings, which have called the practice unconstitutional, are important victories for the bill‘s supporters and the twenty other people of Arab descent being held on secret evidence.
WHO: House Democratic Whip David E. Bonior, Rep. Tom Campbell (R-CA), Hany Kiareldeen, Attorney David Cole and Arab-American groups, including the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Commitee (ADC).
WHAT: Press Conference urging Congress to pass Bonior-Campbell legislation (HR 2121) to repeal use of Secret Evidence in INS deportation cases, in light of a federal judge‘s ruling that the practice was unconstitutional in the Kiareldeen case.
WHERE: House Triangle at the U.S. Capitol
WHEN: Thursday, October 28, 11:00 a.m.

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