Call on Washington to Demand an Immediate Ceasefire and an End to the Siege on Gaza

Call on Washington to Demand an Immediate Ceasefire and an End to the Siege on Gaza

Call on the White House and Congress for an immediate ceasefire, and an end to the siege on Gaza.

In your message, you can use these suggested talking points, or use the sample letter we created for you:

Suggested talking points:

  1. The latest data states that Israel has killed at least 109 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip – including at least 24 children and 10 women. Over 850 Palestinians have been wounded. Israel began its attacks on November
  2. Reports indicate that the violence was triggered when Israeli forces killed a young Palestinian man when he “approached the border fence” on November 5. Some sources indicate that the man was mentally challenged.
  3. On November 8, Israel shot and killed a 13 year-old boy who was “playing football with his friends in front of his family’s house.”
  4. On November 14, 2012 Israel assassinated Ahmed al Jabari, Hamas’s most senior military commander. Since the assassination, the onslaught has increased intensely; in one incident an airstrike from Israeli forces killed 12 Palestinians, including at least 10 members of the Al-Dalu family in Gaza City.
  5. The population of Gaza is 2/3 refugee and more than half are under the age of 16. The UN has listed Gaza as the most densely populated area in the world with a population density that is higher than that of Manhattan in New York City.
  6. Israel has a responsibility as the occupying force under international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Conventions, and the laws of war to avoid harm of civilians in Gaza. Israel’s limited 2005 withdrawal from Gaza did not constitute an ending of its occupation under international law. Israel’s tight blockade on the 1.5-million people in Gaza is a violation of those laws.
  7. Israel is carrying out its attacks on Gaza through US weapons, paid for with US tax dollars. This is in violation of the US Arms Export Control Act.
  8. The timing of the strikes calls into question Israel’s political motivation as the attacks are two months prior to parliamentary elections and Netanyahu’s re-election.
  9. An immediate cessation of hostilities on all sides and a complete end to the blockade is the only way to reinstate a cease-fire agreement that will ensure the security of both Israelis and Palestinians.

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