Call for Nominations for ADC National Board of Directors

Washington, DC | January 4, 2008 | | The National Board of Directors of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is seeking nominations from chapters and members for the upcoming election for two Board positions. ADC hopes to strengthen the voice of the grassroots; expand the organization; broaden membership base; assist in raising funds; and have chapter representation at the decision making level. Candidates who fit the criteria listed below will work to assist ADC reach these goals. Please be aware that the Board’s Nominating Committee and the National Board of Directors will review all nominations. All nominations must be mailed to the ADC National Office-Nominating Committee by February 14, 2008.
1. Member of the ADC with updated dues
2. Must adhere to the mission, objectives, and goals of ADC
1. Involvement in local ADC chapter where one exists
2. Endorsement by local ADC chapter where one exists
3. Experience and knowledge in fund raising and non-profit management
4. Involvement in Arab American civic organizations
5. Involvement and experience with civil rights issues
1. Experience in community organizing
2. Experience in human rights and/or immigration rights
3. Experience in youth organizing
4. Experience in interfaith organizing
1. Your name, address and telephone number
2. The name, address and telephone number of the person you are nominating
3. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of at least two other ADC members, in good standing, who endorse the nominee
4. A one page description or less of why you feel the nominee is a good candidate
5. A one page signed statement by the nominee indicating he/she is willing to serve if elected and outlining his/her vision for ADC
*All nominations must be mailed by February 14, 2008 to the National Office at the following address:
ADC | Nominating Committee | 1732 Wisconsin Ave, NW | Washington, DC 20007
*The Nominating Committee is tasked with ensuring that all candidates are well-respected members of the Arab-American community, are ADC members in good standing, and are committed to furthering the mission of ADC. ADC is an organization that needs to grow and expand its base of support. Finally as with all NGO’s, it falls to the members of the Board of Directors to secure the budget they earmark for the organization. Candidates for the Board election must be capable of seriously contributing to this effort.

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