Award-Winning Director to Discuss US Aid to Israel

Washington, DC – In response to numerous concerns about Israel’s latest aid request for an additional $12-14 billion, the Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and the American Committee on Jerusalem (ACJ) are sponsoring two showings of “People and the Land” on Saturday, January 25.
The documentary “People and the Land,” funded but not widely aired by PBS, examines how Israel uses our tax dollars. Although Israel receives $3 billion annually from US taxpayers it is currently seeking additional billions in military and economic aid.
The 5:00pm showing at Visions Cinema quickly sold out prompting ADC and ACJ to add another screening of “People and the Land” at Georgetown University’s Intercultural Center auditorium on Saturday at 1:00pm. Moreover, the web version of the movie has been viewed more than 30,000 times since it was posted on last month. The film’s Director, Tom Hayes, will be at both events for a question and answer session following each screening.
ADC President Dr. Ziad Asali noted, “This film is particularly relevant and timely. With the US economy in a recession and uncertainty about a possible war with Iraq over violations of UN resolutions, it seems that Israel’s aid request, which exceeds that of last year’s entire foreign aid budget, is grossly inappropriate to say the least. Funding the government of Ariel Sharon, a government that continuously violates dozens of UN resolutions, is simply not in the interest of the United States nor in the interest of all parties seeking peace in the region.”

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