Ask President Obama NOT to Nominate Ray Kelly for DHS

Ask President Obama NOT to Nominate Ray Kelly for DHS

As you know, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano recently announced that she will be stepping down as head of the Department of Homeland Security to accept the position of President of the University of California.

President Obama is considering nominating NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly to take Napolitano’s place. Commissioner Kelly is not unfamiliar to the Arab American community. He single-handedly spearheaded a variety of bigoted programs and policies that violated the civil rights and liberties of ordinary citizens. Among the highlights of his 13-year career as NYPD Commissioner, Kelly has allowed the widespread surveillance of Muslims and Arabs, promulgated the training of 1,500 cadets with the heinous film “Third Jihad,” and allowed a pervasive, ineffective Stop and Frisk policy that disproportionately targets Muslims, African Americans, and Latinos.

ADC sent a letter (link letter) to President Barack Obama urging him to reconsider his decision and not nominate Commissioner Kelly to fill the position of the head of DHS – the department charged with keeping the US and its citizens safe and secure. Based on the example he set in New York, ADC firmly believes that Commissioner Kelly is inappropriate for the position of head of DHS.

Take Action! Contact the White House and urge President Obama NOT to nominate Raymond Kelly as DHS Secretary!

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