Arab Voters in Michigan Say No to President Joe Biden

Dearborn, MI | | November 2, 2023 – Since early October, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has engaged with voters in Michigan to gauge the sentiment of the Arab American community. The overall sentiment reflects a community that is deeply disappointed, angry and frustrated. Mirroring the poll recently released by the Arab American Institute (AAI)  in which just 17% of Arab Americans were supportive of President Biden’s reelection, our conversations with voters in Michigan reflects a community that feels betrayed by the President and his Administration.

Over the coming days and weeks, ADC will be providing more insight on our conversations with voters from key 2024 states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Virginia. ADC has held conversations with a broad swath of Arab American voters, including local and state level elected officials.

Throughout all our conversations and interviews, an overwhelming majority of those we spoke with conveyed, in no uncertain terms, that they will not be casting their votes in favor of President Biden in 2024. This decision stems not from partisan politics but from their profound sense of betrayal. Our community’s values, deeply rooted in the principles of justice, peace, and human rights, find no resonance in the  Biden administration’s recent decisions.

In 2020, President Biden garnered significant support from Arab Americans in Michigan, helping him win the state. Over the past two weeks, President Biden has regrettably lost the faith and trust of our community. His fear-mongering, peddling of false headlines, erasure of the Palestinian people, and greenlighting of a genocide in the Gaza Strip, have left an indelible mark on the community’s perception of his leadership, and commitment to our values.

The Arab American community in Michigan is not merely a demographic statistic. It is a dynamic and vital constituency whose political engagement and voting power has shaped local, state, and national elections. Over the years, Michigan has witnessed the transformative influence of Arab American voters, who are keenly aware of, and actively engaged in, the democratic process. Candidates and political parties would be foolish to underestimate the impact of this crucial voting bloc. Our community is both vigilant and discerning, ready to support leaders of any party who genuinely represent our values and concerns.

Many in Michigan want to remind President Biden of the promises he made to our community, and of  the trust that was placed in him. It is important to note that the disillusionment coming from Arab American voters in Michigan with President Biden’s leadership does not denote political apathy. On the contrary, it underscores a heightened resolve to champion our values and ensure their implementation.

ADC urges President Biden to recognize the depth of disappointment and anger within the Arab American community. True leadership is gauged not merely by decisions made in moments of crisis, but more so by the ability to admit missteps and take corrective measures.

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