Arab American Minority Business Questionnaire

Take Our Minority Business Questionnaire

The information gathered will provide a comprehensive image of the Arab American business presence in the US.

Goal of the Questionnaire

The Arab American Minority Business Questionnaire will allow ADC to put together a comprehensive accounting of the Arab American business presence across the United States. This nationwide approach will provide a unique insight into our community, one that will inform our work and allow ADC to better serve the Arab American community. The results of the questionnaire will also assist ADC in creating a strong and robust submission to the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) requesting recognition of the Arab American community.

What information is ADC collecting through its Questionnaire?

In order to ensure that ADC is able to gather a robust data set we will be collecting detailed information on both business operations and finances, as well as individual demographic information. This will allow us to determine where Arab American-owned businesses are located, what industries they work in, the types of capital they have access to, and whether any barriers exist to expansion and growth. All of the data that ADC collects will be anonymized in any public report, and no identifying information will ever be shared outside of ADC.

Examples of the important information requested through the Questionnaire include:

  • A business’s most recent interest rate;
  • Whether the owner was born in the United States or abroad; and
  • What country the owner’s family comes from

All of this information, while specific, will provide a comprehensive image of the Arab American business presence in the United States. Currently, neither ADC nor the federal government has the ability to appropriately direct resources and programming to the Arab American business community. The questionnaire will supply ADC with a snapshot, and provide us with valuable information to better serve, and advocate for, Arab American business owners and entrepreneurs.

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