Apply to the The Dr. Jack G. Shaheen Media Scholarship

Washington, D.C. | | April 4, 2024 – In an era marked by the persistent dehumanization of Arabs, the role of media becomes increasingly vital in fostering understanding and dismantling stereotypes. ADC is offering scholarships of $4,000 in honor of the late Dr. Jack G Shaheen for Arab American undergraduates who excel in Media Studies!

Undergraduate Juniors and Seniors, as well as Graduate Students majoring in Journalism, Radio, Television, and/or Film are eligible to apply.

For those interested in applying, please submit the following by April 12th 2024:

  • A one-page statement explaining why you merit the scholarship, your goals, how Jack Shaheen’s work influences your career, and a declaration that you are a U.S. citizen of Arab heritage
  • Two (2) original signed letters of recommendation from Mass Communications professors.
  • Copies of your articles, films, and so forth (these items will not be returned to you)
  • Official academic transcripts (minimum 3.0 GPA)

Your permanent home address, phone number, e-mail address, and your phone number during the school year, if different.

Submit all Materials to ADC Research Institute at

If you have any questions, call (202) 244-2990 or email

Dr. Shaheen (1935-2017) was an internationally recognized author and media critic who wrote the award-winning book and film, Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People. He has consulted with the United Nations and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and has been featured on numerous national network programs such as National Public Radio, CNN, MSNBC, and The Today Show.

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