American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

During a debate concerning the development of alternative energy fuels in the Illinois House of Representatives, State Representative Ron Lawfer said the United States is “being held hostage by bunch of camel jockeys.” He added that Arabs are “the ones who tried to hold us hostage then and are trying to do so now.” These shocking comments by a public official reinforce negative stereotypes and sanction anti-Arab bigotry.
Ron Lawfer’s office and inform him that his statement was racist and only serves to subject Arab-Americans to hate crimes, discrimination, and stereotyping. Tell him that an apology is in order to the more than three million Arab Americans in this country.
Representative Ronald Lawfer
Illinois House of Representatives
Room 2029-H Stratton Building
Springfield, Illinois 62706
Tel: (217) 782-8186
Fax: (815) 232-0777
Please cc your letters to ADC

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