Administration Reassures ADC it would “Strongly Oppose” Transfer of Palestinians.

ADC Press Release:
Administration Reassures ADC it would “Strongly Oppose” Transfer of Palestinians Washington, DC, March 11 – The Bush Administration today assured the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) that it was “not aware of any plans” for and “would strongly oppose” any transfer of Palestinians by Israel under the cover of a U.S. war with Iraq. Responding to urgent concerns on the subject raised in a Feb. 14 letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell from ADC President Ziad Asali, Assistant Secretary of State William Burns wrote, “The United States would strongly oppose such a step.
We have raised this matter at the highest levels with the Government of Israel, and are not aware of any intentions by Israel to conduct any kind of transfer of the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza in the event of U.S. action against Iraq.”
In his Feb. 14 letter, Dr. Asali wrote to the Administration asking “for clarification and reassurance about where the United States stands regarding alleged plans by the government of Israel to displace large numbers of Palestinians from their homes and villages.” He pointed out that “Our community includes many Palestinian Americans whose relatives and friends would suffer greatly from such actions,” and that “such measures would constitute serious violations of international law and the Geneva Convention.” Dr. Asali urged that the United States “stand by the Geneva Conventions in regards to the obligations of the occupying power and to basic standards of ethical conduct towards those who are vulnerable.” ADC thanks the Administration for its clarification, and is pleased to learn that the United States government has raised these concerns with the highest levels of the Israeli government and made its strong opposition to any such moves clear.

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