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Washington, DC | | April 10, 2018 | We’ve all had the frustrating experience of watching talking heads on U.S. media discussing issues important to our community without bothering to ask us what we think. One of the central missions of ADC has always been to increase visibility for Arab-Americans and be a VOICE FOR OUR COMMUNITY.

We could never do this without your generous support and we ask you to continue to support ADC to ensure that Arab-Americans are heard loud and clear! We want you to know the impact your donations make possible. Here’s what we, through your support, have been up to lately:

When anti-Arab, anti-Muslims forces started posting “Punish a Muslim Day” flyers, ADC spoke out in the media:

‘Punish a Muslim Day’ fliers have Arab-American community on edge, NBC26 Detroit

Punish a Muslim Day fliers have Arab American community on edge, ABC7 Detroit

It’s ‘Punish a Muslim Day.’ Or, as We Muslims Call It, Every DayThe Daily Beast

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s Abed Ayoub is encouraging people to remain vigilant and “if you feel you’re in danger, call law enforcement immediately.”

After Trump announced neoconservative John Bolton as his new National Security Advisor, ADC spoke out against Bolton’s history of propagating anti-Arab polemics, an important part of the story that many news outlets would have otherwise missed:

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has elaborated on Bolton’s outrageous falsehoods against Arabs and Muslims.

When Trump nominated Kenneth Marcus, a longstanding detractor of Arab-American students and professors, to lead the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, ADC joined Dream Defenders and the National Center for Transgender Equality to voice our objection:

Marcus has also targeted the rights of students and faculty who advocate for self-determination for Palestinians.

Major newspapers have picked up on the vital work we do aiding our community:

Group teaching English to Syrian refugees hopes to expandThe San Diego Tribune

When members of the Syrian community began coming to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee to ask for help for the new arrivals, Bittar, who runs the San Diego chapter, decided she had to do something.

And, lastly, we weren’t going to stay silent as Hollywood rolled out another anti-Arab film. ADC lambasted “Beirut” for its anti-Arab depictions:

“The film is filled with the stereotypical anti-Arab sentiment which Hollywood has been notorious for freely spreading and with complete disregard for those impacted by such negative imagery,” said ADC in a statement on the film.

ADC needs your help to ensure that Arab-American voices are not ignored. DONATE TODAY TO CONTINUE TO MAKE AN IMPACT!

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