ADC:Massive Call-in Day on May 15

ADC Action Alert:
May 15, 2001 – Massive Call-in Day
Let the World Remember That 53 Years of Palestinian Dispossession Is ENOUGH
May 15, 2001, marks the 53rd anniversary of the dispersion and dispossession of the Palestinian people, resulting from the creation of the state of Israel. This anniversary is symbolic of the despair that Palestinians have endured for over half a century. ADC calls on its members and supporters to recognize May 15 as a Day of Action on behalf of Palestine. We urge all individuals to participate in a massive call-in to U.S. officials on May 15. Express your concern about the continued denial of the rights of the Palestinian people.
An historic injustice occurred in 1948 whose consequences are still being acted out in the streets of Palestine and Israel. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were driven from their homes into an exile which is yet to end. A whole society and way of life was destroyed through the establishment of the state of Israel. To Palestinians, this is known as Al-Nakba, The Catastrophe, and it is the very core of the conflict between Israel, Palestine and their Arab neighbors.
Making a few calls will take only 15 minutes of your time, but collectively our impact can make a real difference. You can call from your home or your work place. Take a break from your daily routine and be a part of this phone-calling campaign. We need to make as many calls as possible to remind the President, the State Department, and our representatives of the daily injustice that Palestinians have been suffering over the decades of exile, occupation, and second-class citizenship. We urge you to join us and contribute only 15 minutes of your time on behalf of peace and justice for Palestinians.
Action Requested:
White House: (202) 456-1111 or
State Department: (202) 647-6575 or
Congress: You can reach any member of Congress through the
congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121.
You can also send an email message to your representatives through the
“Contacting Congress” feature on the ADC website
Talking Points:
1. Remind U.S. officials that May 15 marks the anniversary of 53 years
of Palestinian dispersion and dispossession.
* In 1948, Palestinians were driven from their homes at gunpoint, by acts of terrorism, and by the threat of war and further massacres. Some 750,000 men, women, and children became exiles living in refugee camps in
neighboring Arab countries. Under UN resolutions and international law, they have, and have always had, the right to return to their homes. Israel has refused to acknowledge this right and the U.S. has failed to enforce it.
* The state of Israel was founded on the destruction of Palestinian society. 418 Palestinian villages were destroyed, lands were seized, and Israeli towns and kibbutzim were built on their ruins. The remaining Palestinian population live as second-class citizens in their own country, without full and equal rights with regard to employment, housing, health care or land ownership.
* Today the dispossession continues. Israel continues to occupy Palestinian territory, confiscate land, destroy homes and olive groves, build illegal settlements and bring in hundreds of thousands of settlers, all in violation of international law and UN resolutions.
2. The U.S. should play a more forceful role in setting limits to Israeli aggression and expansion.
* Ask your representatives in Congress to urge the Administration to support the presence of an International Peacekeeping Force in the occupied territories to protect the civilian population. The U.S. should cut off its $3 billion in annual aid to Israel and not allow additional U.S. tax money be used to fund this brutal military repression. The U.S. should cease delivery of Apache helicopters and other armaments which are being used, in contravention of U.S. law, against Palestinian civilians.
* Tell your representatives that the only viable solution is a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The Palestinians are the only people in the world living under military occupation. This occupation must end for peace to prevail.
The United States is a key player in negotiations for peace in the Middle East. As concerned American citizens, we reserve every right to demand that the role of the United States in this situation be fair, balanced, even-handed and just. Let’s make our voices heard.

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