ADC: Year in Review 2015

ADC had a busy and fruitful year in 2015. However, in order to continue our work to protect your rights and community, we need your continued support in the coming year.

We invite you to carefully read the 2015 ADC Annual Report. In it, you will find a comprehensive summary of the achievements and activities that ADC has accomplished with your support. In 2015, ADC contributed to key cases in the United States Supreme Court relating to the status of Jerusalem, employment discrimination and equal representation within legislative districts. ADC also worked on critical issues pertaining to immigration rights, refugee intake, racial profiling, surveillance, education and law enforcement misconduct, among many other issues affecting our community.

View introductory letter from ADC’s President and the Chairman of our National Board

Last year, we celebrated many successes and dedicated our time to protecting your civil rights, promoting mutual understanding and preserving our rich cultural heritage. This year, we need your continued support, now more than ever before, to continue our work

We anticipate many challenges in 2016 and stand ready to meet them. The rise in anti-Arab and anti-Muslim rhetoric and discrimination is of grave concern to ADC. As the election cycle gears up, we will remain vigilant and ready to defend our community, while educating policymakers and the American public about the vital role of Arab Americans to the success of our country. 

Your support is needed today. By renewing your membership and making a donation of $36, $64, $83 or $97, you can ensure that ADC can continue working for you and the Arab American community, just as we have for the past 35 years. 

Your membership and generous contribution ensure that we can maintain our vigilance and work on behalf of everyone in our community. 

Without you, we cannot be who we are today—your voice and the protector of your rights in this great country of ours

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