ADC Women’s Empowerment Forum Celebrates International Woman’s Day

Washington, D.C. | | March 8, 2018 | The ADC Women’s Empowerment Forum wishes all women, around the world and in the USA, a happy International Women’s Day.

American-Arab women and women from all backgrounds are making great strides towards more gender-inclusive global and U.S. societies. Now, more than ever, the opportunity exists for a significant human paradigm shift towards gender parity, greater social, economic and political empowerment for girls and women and greater equality across all realms of society.

Civil rights, human rights, women’s rights and children’s rights are all fundamentally linked, and it is a civic duty for all to promote positive change in attitudes and behaviors, as well as to press for change, from the street, to the classroom, to the boardroom, to the courtroom, to government, to the sports fields, and to every aspect of our lives.

The ADC Women’s Empowerment Forum will remain steadfast in its action to preserve and promote women’s rights, in order to further empower our communities towards realizing their full potential.


ADC Women’s Empowerment Forum’s mission is to raise awareness on issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment as well as forming a networking platform to develop more career opportunities. And to give Arab-American women the opportunity and the space to communicate their issues and find solutions in regards to women’s rights.

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