ADC Voter Protection Unit Mobilizes Monitors in Seven States

Washington, DC | October 29, 2008 | | With less than one-week away from one of the most pivotal elections in our nation‘s history, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has dedicated major resources to protect the Arab and Muslim American votes through the ADC Voter Protection Unit (ADC VPU).
The ADC VPU is a special extra-budgetary unit composed of a full-time lobbyist, three attorneys in Washington, DC, and one attorney in Dearborn, Michigan. This unit of professionals is dedicated to protecting the Arab and Muslim American communities from voter intimidation and other attempts at chilling the communities‘ right to vote. This is an extra-budgetary emergency project. Therefore, the costs associated with the ADC Voter Protection Unit do not fall within the organization‘s annual budget.
ADC VPU Election Monitoring
The ADC VPU has successfully secured election monitors who are being trained and provided with the necessary forms to monitor the election in seven states. The ADC VPU election monitors will be dispatched to areas with a particular concentration of Arab and Muslim American populations or those where problems are anticipated based on historic precedent. On Election Day, Tuesday November 4th, the ADC VPU and its teams of volunteers will be monitoring polling sites in Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and New York.
Please see the following link to know your voting rights:
We Need Your Help
First — Vote on Tuesday November 4th. For more information see
Second — Support the ADC VPU election monitoring program by donating. We need your help. The costs associated with this broader than expected seven-state wide program are extra-budgetary and have surpassed the anticipated costs. We need your direct support to pay for the expenses associated with this program.
You may send your secure online donation by going to the following link:
Donations can be mailed to the ADC National Office: Attention Voter Protection Unit, 1732 Wisconsin Ave, NW. Washington, DC 20007. Please go to this link < > to print the donation form and mail it with your contribution to this effort. You may also fax your donation form to (202) 333-3980. Those wishing to make a credit card contribution may call (202) 244-2990.
***All Donations to ADC-Research Institute (ADCRI) are 100% Tax Deductible***
***Donations to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) are not Tax Deductible***

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