ADC Thanks Yolanda Rondon For Her Service to Community & Civil Rights

ADC thanks Senior Staff Attorney Ms. Yolanda Rondon for her over five years of service and dedication to the community. Ms. Rondon’s tenure at ADC ends today, and we congratulate her on the upcoming transition to private practice in California. Rondon joined the ADC team five years ago and is now departing ADC to start the next phase of her career where she will focus on cyber security and privacy rights.

We offer our deepest gratitude to Rondon for her dedication and the exceptional work that she led at ADC over the years. While at ADC, Rondon developed and led vital policy programs for congressional advocacy and legal aid to protect immigrant rights and the Arab American community from surveillance. ADC highlights her leadership in combating the Extreme Vetting Initiative and Countering Violent Extremism programs, and her significant contributions to ADC’s pro-bono legal aid programs for asylum seekers, TPS holders, and diversity visa winners from Iraq, Iran, Mauritania, Somalia, Syria, Palestine, and Yemen. Additionally, Rondon had a primary and critical role in developing ADC’s legal rapid response efforts and policy strategy for the Arab and Muslim Ban.

ADC wishes Rondon the best of luck and success in her new position in California, we know that she will deliver outstanding work as she did with ADC over the years. You can contact the ADC Legal Department at


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