ADC Strongly Condemns Israel

Washington, D.C., September 29— The attack by Israel’s occupation forces on Al-Aqsa Mosque today, against the worshipers causing the death and injury of more than 200 Palestinians, came in the wake of the provocative trespass to the Haram compound yesterday by right wing leader, Ariel Sharon.
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) holds the Israeli Government responsible for this latest carnage, and blames the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, for escalating tension in the Holy City and the rest of the occupied territories. “Barak should have condemned Arial Sharon for his deliberate provocation instead of blaming the victim” stated the President of the ADC, Dr. Hala Maksoud “This renders Barak practically in tacit collusion with Sharon’s recklessness.”
The ADC strongly condemns this outrageous violation of the Palestinian rights in Jerusalem and calls the International community and the Clinton Administration to take immediately the necessary measures in order that Israel complies with the UN relevant resolutions, and withdraws its forces from the Palestinian Occupied Territories including occupied Jerusalem.
ADC calls on the Clinton Administration in particular to share the world’s condemnation against this latest Israeli outrage instead of its muted response to it by “calling on all sides to show constraint.”

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