ADC Statement on the Third Anniversary of the Arab and Muslim Ban

On the third anniversary of the signing of President Donald Trump’s Arab and Muslim Ban Executive Order, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) reaffirms its commitment to fight the ban and all policies which target immigrant communities. Since President Trump has taken office, he has pushed for immigration policies driven by a white supremacist ideology. The Arab and Muslim communities have witnessed firsthand the devastating implications of these policies. The Ban impacts over 150 million individuals from several majority Arab and Muslim countries. The Ban has blocked families from reuniting, stopped people from receiving critical medical treatment, and destroyed the chances of life-changing opportunities in education and employment for so many.

The Trump administration does not shy away from these discriminatory policies and practices. In fact, to commemorate the anniversary, President Trump is doubling down on his bigotry. It is expected that he will announce an expansion of the Ban, which will include seven (7) more countries. While this is happening, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials continue to profile and target Arab, Iranian, and Muslim travelers to the U.S. at an alarming rate. Each day, individuals are being denied entry and having their visas revoked. Additionally, the U.S. State Department is preemptively canceling the visas of Arab, Iranian, and Muslims without explanation.

As a community, we must push all politicians, including candidates for President, to commit to repealing the Ban on their first day in office. We must encourage Congress to pass a clean No Ban Act, which will limit the authority of the President in enforcing such broad and discriminatory bans.

ADC will continue to fight the Arab and Muslim Ban as well as other harmful anti-immigrant policies. We will continue to provide legal assistance to those affected by the discriminatory policies of this administration. ADC will stand up for the community and against the anti-Arab, anti-Muslim policies propagated by the Trump Administration.

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