ADC Statement on FBI arrest of man threatening US Campaign For Palestinian Rights (USCPR)

ADC Statement on FBI arrest of man threatening US Campaign For Palestinian Rights (USCPR)

Washington D.C. | | November 21, 2023 – In late October ADC was contacted by leadership from the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), expressing concern over  threats directed at the organization’s staff. After hearing initial recordings of the threats, and in light of the increased violence against Arabs and Palestinians, an immediate determination was made to contact law enforcement. ADC initiated contact with the DOJ, and a decision was made by the Department to immediately open an investigation. ADC assisted in the facilitation of the investigation.

Yesterday the DOJ and FBI announced that the individual who made the threats has been identified as Kevin Brent Buchanan. An arrest of Buchanan was made on Friday of last week in Utah. He is charged with transmitting in interstate commerce a communication containing a threat to injure the person of another. If convicted, Buchanan faces a maximum of five years in prison and a fine not to exceed $250,000.

ADC National Executive Director Abed Ayoub states, “The anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian climate in the U.S. is very dangerous. All threats must be taken seriously, and we encourage reporting of threats to law enforcement, or in the alternative to ADC. We welcome the swift action by the DOJ and FBI in this case, and for ensuring that the words of Buchanan did not turn into violent actions. We will continue to be vigilant and ensure that the community is protected, and anyone who poses a threat is handled accordingly. We also continue to demand an end to the anti-Palestinian and anti-Arb rhetoric we are seeing mainstreamed from elected officials and media personalities. This rhetoric is what emboldens people like Buchanan to act in a barbaric and hateful manner.”

In multiple voicemails left to the organization, Kevin claimed, “You are the enemy. You are a threat to the national security of the United States, and you are fucking going to get what’s coming to you very, very, very soon, you pieces of Palestinian shit,” and “I would be deathly afraid if I were you. You are all going to fucking die you pieces of shit. Traitors. You don’t even belong in America.”

If you have received threats of violence due to your Arab ethnicity or your advocacy for Palestine please contact ADC. If you are in immediate danger please contact local law enforcement immediately. If you would like assistance addressing threats or hate targeting you, please contact ADC legal department to

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