ADC Statement Celebrating Dr. Huda Akil’s National Medal of Science Award

Washington, D.C. | October 26, 2023 – The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) wholeheartedly congratulates Dr. Huda Akil on her momentous achievement of receiving the National Medal of Science, the highest scientific honor in the nation. 

Dr. Akil’s journey from her birthplace in Syria and her academic pursuits in Lebanon to her illustrious career in the United States is an inspiring tale of determination, passion, and unwavering commitment. Her foundational work in understanding the brain’s “natural painkillers” and the subsequent research into the molecular effects of stress on the brain provide invaluable insights that have paved the way for other scientists. 

The ADC celebrates Dr. Akil as a stellar neuroscientist and as a symbol of hope and resilience for the Arab American community. As we laud Dr. Akil’s achievements, we are reminded of the power of dedication, the importance of scientific exploration, and the need for cultural understanding and collaboration in advancing a better future for all.

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