ADC Stands in Solidarity with the Asian American Community

The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) stands in solidarity with the Asian American community in the face of heightened anti-Asian discrimination and hate crimes. No group should live in fear of being attacked for their racial and ethnic identities. We call on all communities to examine their anti-Asian biases, stemming partly due to wrongful accusations during the rise of COVID-19. These attacks can only be described as violent at worse and ignorant at best – both of which are equally unacceptable.

ADC strongly believes in the rights of everyone to live free of racism and discrimination. Attacks against Asian Americans must be taken seriously and stopped immediately. Harrasment, both verbal and physical, against Asian-American elders are especially cowardly and must be treated as hate crimes. Holding racist perpetrators accountable for their crimes sends a strong message that hatred of any kind, towards any group, is not tolerated.

Please join ADC and our partner organizations for a virtual day of action on March 26th to highlight and raise awareness about anti Asian American hate. As part of this campaign, we will be using #StopAsianHate and invite you to do the same. We urge our elected representatives to join us on this virtual day of action to send a clear message that racism, violence and intolerance of any kind is unacceptable and is a serious attack on the safety of all our communities.

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