ADC Staff Attorney Yolanda Rondon participates in symposium on “Mitigating Racial Injustice”

Yolanda at Maryland Symposium

On Thursday April 28, 2016, ADC Staff Attorney Yolanda Rondon participated in the Saul I. Stern Symposium at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy.

The Saul I. Stern Symposium is held each year to address under-appreciated policy topics. This year’s symposium topic was “Mitigating Racial Injustice by Designing Non-Discriminatory Economic Policies for Minorities.” The symposium panels focused on the causes and effects of economic inequality and policy solutions geared towards economic mobility for minorities. ADC Staff Attorney Yolanda Rondon served as a panelist on the potential policy solutions segment, and focused her remarks on the ways that the education, health, and the criminal justice system can be reformed to better serve the Arab American community.

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