ADC Special Announcement from ADC Board Chairperson Safa Rifka and President Mary Rose Oakar:

ADC Announces New $10 Basic Membership

An important step in adding 100,000 new members by ADC’s historic 25th Anniversary in 2005.

We take enormous pride in the tremendous efforts and successes of ADC over the years, and are seeking to enhance this record of consistent achievement on behalf of civil rights at home and peace and justice in the Middle East. In order to expand the capacity of the organization to meet the needs of the Arab-American community, ADC is announcing a new basic membership fee of $10, which is intended to greatly expand our membership base. Please use the secure form: on our website to register your family and friends. This is an important step in adding 100,000 new members by ADC’s historic 25th Anniversary in 2005.
QUESTION: What will ADC gain through a greatly expanded membership?

  • Demonstrate to the American people, Congress, and Administration, that we represent a significant constituency of active and engaged Americans which brings together people from a broad ideological spectrum and transcends religious, class, and geographical divisions.
  • Provide ADC with an even larger network of activists to speak out on issues of concern to Arab Americans, and to the broader American community.
  • Open ADC’s membership to others who share the organization’s goals and ideals and to continue our tradition of coalition building with other national advocacy groups and individuals.
  • Attract a wider membership which better represents the size and achievements of the community of millions of Arab Americans it represents in the United States.
  • Develop a sustainable financial donor base for ADC.

QUESTION: What are the new membership fees?
There are several new categories. All memberships will be individual with differing benefits:

  • Student membership, $5
  • Basic membership, $10
  • Sustaining membership, $75 (includes ADC Times, the newsletter of ADC)
  • Contributing membership, $250 – $499 (includes above plus video)
  • Sponsoring membership, $500 – $999 (includes above plus book)
  • President’s Club, $1,000 – $4,999 (includes above plus invitations to select events)
  • Chair’s Council, $5,000 – $9,999 (includes above plus briefing by
    President Oakar)
  • Benefactor’s Circle, $10,000 + (includes all of the above).

QUESTION: How will this expand membership?
The $10 basic membership fee is designed to facilitate quick and easy membership recruitment at public events and functions, via direct mail and marketing and through other means. Simply consider all of your own friends, associates and relatives who believe in our mission, but have not joined ADC.
QUESTION: What about those who have already paid higher membership fees?
All those who paid $75 membership fees will automatically become "Sustaining Members," with benefits listed above and beyond the benefits accruing to the new $10 basic membership. Sustaining membership will include a subscription to ADC Times (the newsletter of ADC), reduced convention rates, and benefits traditionally associated with ADC membership.
We want to reiterate our thanks to those who have made the effort and the sacrifice of paying our traditionally higher membership fees. These are the bedrock members and supporters of ADC – the solid grassroots base upon which all of our efforts are based.
QUESTION: What are the benefits of $10 basic membership?
The basic membership entitles an individual to membership in the organization and the right to participate fully in chapter and other grassroots efforts, and to vote in chapter and national board elections.
QUESTION: What happened to family memberships?
Family memberships have been eliminated; however, households and families are encouraged to enroll in one Sustaining membership ($75) at a minimum, in order to receive the ADC Times and other benefits. However, each individual family member other than the person designated as the Sustaining member would have to enroll in a basic membership ($10) as well. An alternative is to enroll each person in the household/family in a basic membership, and forego the benefits of a Sustaining membership.
This is an important step in adding 100,000 new members by ADC’s historic 25th Anniversary in 2005.
Please use our website to register your family and friends. We will also be utilizing our extensive chapter network to reach our goal. Thank you again for your continued support of ADC.

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