ADC Reiterates Reasons for Opposing the Attack against Iraq

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) regrets the decision
by our government to abandon the search for a diplomatic solution to the crisis with Iraq and initiate a military attack against that country. For many months ADC has been expressing its opposition to plans for such an attack on the grounds that this war is unnecessary and fraught with dangers. Our principal concerns are:
* This war was unnecessary because concerns about Iraqi disarmament were being addressed through a United Nations inspection process that was prematurely interrupted.
* This war is not consistent with either the U.N. Charter or any Security Council resolution.
* This war threatens to cause death and devastation to the long-suffering Iraqi civilian population, which has already endured two major recent wars, a brutal dictatorship, and over a decade of unprecedented international sanctions.
* This war places our servicemen and women at risk, which could have been avoided. We believe that the best way to support our troops is not to involve them in unnecessary conflicts, and we strongly hope for their quick and safe return.
* This war threatens Iraq’s territorial integrity.
* This war may well prove to be a substantial political windfall for extremists who could use it to win recruits and justify violence against American and other Western targets and Arab governments.
* This war reinforces the double-standards which are applied to international law in the Middle East, above all with regard to the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. The linkage between the two issues, which has been made by President George W. Bush among others, underscores the urgent need for an end to the occupation, the creation of a Palestinian state, and the development of a just and lasting peace.
For these and numerous other reasons, this war has been opposed by millions of people throughout the United States and the world, including ADC and its membership. In particular, concern for the fate of the Iraqi people has been one of the most compelling issues informing the widespread domestic and international opposition to such an attack. At this somber moment our thoughts and prayers are with all of those whose lives and safety are presently in danger.
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