ADC Reiterates Opposition to Plans for Attacking Iraq

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to President George W. Bush‘s address to the United Nations this morning, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) reiterated its strong opposition to plans circulating in Washington for a United States attack against Iraq. ADC has consistently maintained that such an attack on Iraq would be unjustified, unnecessary and fraught with dangers.
ADC stated that an attack on Iraq is not in the interests of the American or the Iraqi peoples, and that it will complicate, not advance, the war on terrorism. Concerns about weapons of mass destruction can and should be dealt with diplomatically and do not constitute a justification for launching a military attack. ADC strongly urged the governments of the United States and Iraq, along with the international community, to urgently work through the United Nations to find a diplomatic solution to the emerging crisis. ADC also called on the Arab states to spare no effort in the search for a formula to avoid conflict.
ADC warned that an attack against Iraq could very easily play into the hands of extremists in the Middle East, giving them a political windfall at a time when all attention should be focused on seriously pursuing those responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. ADC pointed out that there is no reason to believe that Iraq had anything to do with the Sept. 11th attacks. ADC believes that the United States and the international community should be moving to resolve the concerns and grievances that are exploited by groups like Al-Qaeda, not exacerbating them or creating new ones.
The people of Iraq have suffered under more than a decade of economic sanctions, routine bombing and international isolation, all of which have also fostered greater, not less, dependency on the Iraqi regime. Intensive diplomatic efforts are urgently needed to avoid conflict, address international concerns, and begin to lift the economic sanctions and other restrictions which have impoverished and isolated the Iraqi people.
ADC welcomed the President‘s reassertion that “America stands committed to an independent and democratic Palestine, living side by side with Israel in peace and security,” and urged him to take concrete steps to realize this vision.
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