ADC Partners with USA Network in “Characters Unite” Multimedia Programming Initiative

Washington, DC | January 23, 2009 | | The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is pleased to join the USA Network in their new multimedia, pro-social programming initiative “Characters Unite.” The aim of “Character Unite” is two-fold: 1) to provide network viewers ways to combat intolerance, prejudice, discrimination and hate, and, 2) to promote greater acceptance, understanding, and mutual respect of all people. Learn more about the initiative at: or by visiting the USA Network website at:
ADC Communications Director Laila Al-Qatami said, “Character Unite is a great way to create meaningful social change and we are happy to be a part of the initiative. Our involvement actually began several years ago when we approached MSNBC about their offer of what turned out to be a very short lived show to Michael Savage, a man who has a long history of hateful and racist rhetoric. Along with several coalition partners we asked that the network and its affiliated companies focus on fostering tolerance instead of promoting intolerance”. Al-Qatami continued, “ADC is glad that the USA Network has decided to concentrate on what each of us can do individually and collectively to acknowledge and respect our shared humanity. We encourage you to visit the site, explore the tools available, and take the pledge.”
The USA Network is the number one rated network in basic cable and is seen in nearly 94 million US homes. The USA Network is a program service of NBC Universal Cable and parent company NBC Universal. MSNBC was founded in 1996, by Microsoft and General Electric’s NBC Unite, which is now NBC Universal.

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