ADC Media Director Hussein Ibish on CNN

ADC Media Director Hussein Ibish appeared on CNN and CNN International
this morning, Sunday, Nov. 15, in the build-up to President Clinton’s press conference on Iraq. Mr. Ibish:
– Contrasted the palpable sense of relief in the Arab world and the international community in general at the apparent diplomatic resolution of the stand-off, with the palpable disappointment and statements of regret among American politicians and journalists that the assault on Iraq had to be suspended.
– Noted that the United States seems reluctant to take “yes” for an answer from Iraq.
– Observed that this was yet another strong indication that weapons inspections, and the whole issue of weapons of mass destruction in general, was not the actual motivation for the sanctions and bombings, but that instead the US government was continuing to try to replace the government of Iraq.
– Explained that UNSCOM has lost its credibility not only in Iraq, but among Arabs in general.
– Corrected CNN correspondent Eileen O’Conner’s misinterpretation of the
position of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Egypt and Syria as being in favor of an American attack on Iraq and pointed out that these governments have emphasized the need for a peaceful solution to the crisis.
– Pointed out that this refusal to back a US attack on Iraq demonstrates that these governments, which all vociferously oppose President Saddam Hussein, do not believe American claims about Iraq posing a serious military threat to the region, since in 1990-91, when they did believe this, they supported US military action. Mr. Ibish said that these governments understand that no one would have benefited from the planned American action, which explains their opposition.
Hussein Ibish will be a guest on “the Charles Grodin Show” on MSNBC tonight at 8:30 pm, eastern st. time. Mr. Ibish will also be on “At Issue,” also on MSNBC on Monday, Nov. 16, from 3-4 in the afternoon.

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