ADC Launches #MyIdentity Campaign!

ADC Highlights #MyIdentity with Campaign and Convention Session

Dear Supporter,

What does Identity mean to you?

As part of an ongoing effort to discuss identity within communities from the Middle East and North Africa, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is launching the #MyIdentity Campaign. Through the use of social media tools, community members are asked to discuss how they view their identity. Community members are asked to submit a video in which they talk about their self-identification. 

Participants are asked how they define their identity. For example, do you say you are Arab-American, Arab, American or do you identify with your religion, such as being a Muslim or Christian? Some people feel closer to their country, and may identify themselves as Lebanese, Palestinian or Jordanian. While others feel their identity is tied into the city or state they grew up, such as being from Detroit, Patterson or California. Take a moment and upload a video telling us about your identity, be sure to use #MyIdentity when uploading! 

As part of the campaign, ADC will host a panel at the upcoming National Convention discussing identity within the community. The panel will provide a forum for a conversation about identity. A select number of videos submitted through the campaign will be shown at the Convention and discussed by the panelist. 

So, how do you define yourself? What does #MyIdentity mean to you? Taking part is easy; all you need is a social media account to participate! Follow the instructions below and submit your video today!

Use Social Media to speak about #MyIdentity:

 Upload a video to Youtube, put “My Identity” in the title so we can find the video!

Film a video and post it to Instagram, use #MyIdentity

Film a Vine and use #MyIdentity in the description  

Tweet out a link of your videos to @adctweets and use #MyIdentity

ADC National Convention: It Takes a Community

Click here to register now for the ADC Convention! Early Bird Registration for Members is only $199, and you get access to all these great events!

  • Members Briefing at the U.S. Department of State
  • Advocacy Day: Meetings with Congressional Staff
  • Debriefing on Capitol Hill
  • Congressional Dinner – Capitol Hill
  • Evening Reception
  • The BDS Movement:  A Palestinian Struggle to Achieve a Lasting Peace based on International Law, Justice, and Freedom
  • Annual Civil Rights Luncheon:  Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act
  • Civil Rights Panel: 50 Years After the Civil Rights Act: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Lawyers Report back from Guantanamo Bay
  • Activism on College Campuses: Best Practices for Campus Activism
  • Network of Arab American Lawyers of ADC (NAALA) Reception
  • Friday Night Gala:  Celebrating a Community, Celebrating Diversity
  • Arab American Identity
  • Immigration Reform: Update and Insight
  • Arabs Outside the Arab Center – A look at emerging communities from outside the Levant
  • Women’s Empowerment Luncheon
  • Social Activism in the 21st Century: Facilitating Change through the media and Web Roots
  • Activism in the Arts:  How to Create Change through Artistic Expression
  • The Criminalization of Being Arab  
  • Saturday Night Awards Gala
  • Haffla Dance Party
  • General Assembly Meeting
  • Palestine Panel:  Ending the Occupation or Beginning Annexation?
  • Palestine Luncheon

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