ADC Helps Finalize Visa Pending Since Sept. 2003

ADC received the following note (and a beautiful bouquet of flowers) from the Lebanese citizen it recently helped.
Dear ADC:
I received my passport back today with the visa stamp on it. It was a long awaited moment. I would like to thank the ADC for its willingness to help, your performance, and the final result.
I will always be in your debt.
Thank you again.
A Lebanese citizen lawfully working in the US contacted the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) on July 1 regarding his application for a visa renewal stamp.  His application for a H1B1 visa renewal had already been approved, but his Lebanese passport still needed the visa renewal stamp.  So, he sent his passport to the State Department on September 2, 2003, in order to get the renewal stamp. Upon examining the details of his case, ADC contacted the State Department on July 8.  Then, on July 12, the State Department informed ADC that the visa stamp “was issued today with validity through 30 September 2006.”
Prior to contacting ADC, the man called the State Department in January 2004 to inquire about the status of his visa renewal application.  He was told it was still “pending.”  In February 2004 he again wrote to the State Department, only to receive a standard response letter.  He became increasingly worried about his case because he knew that his passport, which was in the custody of the State Department, would expire at the end of July 2004.
So, in May 2004, he decided to contact a Member of Congress for assistance.  The Member of Congress then contacted the State Department and learned that the State Department was waiting for the Lebanese citizen’s “final security clearance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” The Lebanese citizen, however, had not experienced any other security-related obstacles to date.  He had completed the National Security Entry Exit Registration System [NSEERS] program requirements within the mandated timeline and without incident.  Additionally, he had faced no problems upon his most recent entry into the United States.  At that point, he decided to contact ADC. ADC would like to express its gratitude to the US State Department for resolving the issue.

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