ADC: Help Oppose The Planned Attack on Iraq

Immediate demonstrations and protests.
The Clinton Administration appears to be preparing for yet another military attack against Iraq. If it is to occur, it is likely to begin in a very short time from now The short notice in this case seems designed to prevent international reaction and public opinion from helping to restrain this attack, as has happened in the past. We all need to mobilize immediately to try do what we can to stop the attack and protest as quickly and as loudly as we can if it goes ahead.
Immediate demonstrations and protests. These should occur in every major city. Contact the networks already active on Iraq in your community, including local ADC chapters, church groups, mosques, peace groups, and other Arab American and progressive organizations. Please call or email to the White House and State Department.
Contact the White House at (202) 456-1111
fax to 456-2461
or email to
Call the State Department at
(202) 647-6575
fax to (202) 6477120
email to
Also please contact your local press to express your opposition and explain ADC’s concerns. Today’s ADC press release on the planned attack follows. Please feel free to issue it to local media or journalists.

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