ADC Hails UN Resolutions Condemning Israeli Actions

ADC welcomed the resolutions adopted on April 18, 2001, by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights concerning human rights violations by Israel in the Occupied Arab Territories. The three resolutions dealt with Israeli human rights violations in the Syrian Golan and Palestine, and with Israeli settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. However, all three resolutions were opposed by the United States.
Dr. Hala Maksoud, President of ADC, praised the UN Commission on Human Rights for “showing great courage in adopting these important resolutions at this critical time.” She further stated that “such action by an important UN agency must be fully enforced and deserves the full support of all champions of democracy and human rights. It is very disappointing to see the United States totally isolated in its opposition to justice and respect for human rights for all people.”
The resolution concerning Israeli human rights violations (E/CN.4/2001/L.30) was adopted by a roll-call vote of 28 in favor to two against (Guatemala and the United States), with 27 abstentions. The resolution condemned the “disproportionate and indiscriminate” recourse to force by Israel which has aggravated the situation in Palestine and resulted in a significantly high death toll.
The resolution against illegal Israeli settlements (E7/CN.4/2001/L.31) expressed grave concern at continuing Israeli settlement activities in Occupied Palestine, the expropriation of land, the demolition of houses, and the confiscation of property. It urged Israel to cease these activities and comply with earlier resolutions on these issues. This resolution was approved by a roll-call vote of 50 in favor to one against (the United States), with one abstention (Costa Rica).
The Golan resolution (E/CN.4/2001/L.6), adopted by a roll-call vote of 29 in favor to two against, with 21 abstentions, called on Israel to abide by relevant UN resolutions regarding the Golan and called Israeli decisions to impose its laws and jurisdiction on the Syrian territory as “null and void and without international legal effect.”
Full text of the mentioned resolutions can accessed by searching for under country, Israel, at:

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