ADC Files FOIA With FBI, DOJ, and DOE For Radiation Surveillance of Muslim Sites

December 27, 2005, Washington, DC-Today, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request asking that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Department of Justice (DOJ), and the US Department of Energy (DOE) release information relating to the FBI and Department of Energy’s Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST) nuclear surveillance program.  Specifically, ADC requested that it be provided with the addresses of the mosques, homes, businesses, warehouses, and all other facilities, in the greater Washington, DC, area where the nuclear surveillance program has been conducted.  ADC’s intent with the request is to assure the Arab-American and Muslim communities, along with the rest of our nation, that national security enforcement measures are not resulting in a disproportionate impact on these communities and that these federal agencies act in a manner consistent with the repeated statements made by their spokespersons – namely, not to engage in racial, national origin, or religious profiling.
According to a December 22, 2005, U.S. News & World Report article, entitled “Nuclear Monitoring of Muslims Done Without Search Warrants,” this nuclear surveillance program has monitored hundreds of Muslim “targets” in the greater Washington, DC, area.  In essence, the program is alleged to have monitored radiation levels at specific locations in an effort to seek out potential nuclear threats, but without obtaining search warrants. 
ADC hopes that the FBI, DOJ, and DOE review this request in a timely manner and make the correct decision to release the information and rest any concerns of alleged profiling.
Click here for a copy of the letter from ADC >> Page 1 & Page 2

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