ADC E-mail Accounts Continue to be Targeted by Hackers

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) continues to be the target of malicious e-mail attacks. Hackers have sent out thousands of messages by pretending to be legitimate ADC e-mail accounts. This online identity theft is also known as e-mail spoofing.
The messages sent by the hackers contain computer viruses and are in no way reflective of ADC and its mission. Many of the messages contain racist, anti-semitic and otherwise hateful language that contradicts the mission and functions of ADC.
ADC wishes to remind all those who receive e-mail from any ADC list and/or individuals working with ADC that we have an organizational policy of including digital signatures on all e-mail originating from ADC. This will allow the e-mail readers to easily determine whether an e-mail actually came from ADC or was maliciously sent by hackers.
Additionally, hackers have used computer viruses to distribute the “spoofed” messages by using a recipient’s e-mail address book. Therefore, we kindly request that you forward this message to your email lists since ADC continues to receive responses from individuals not familiar with the work or nature of ADC. Finally, please disregard any original e-mail from ADC that does not have a digital signature as it might have been sent out by a hacker. You will find the digital signature/certificate located in the upper right hand corner of an e-mail.
ADC reports all attacks to the authorities and continues to work with the authorities on identifying the source of these attacks.

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