ADC discusses ports issue in today’s USAToday

ADC discusses ports issue in today’s USAToday-
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Scuttled ports deal will sour relations
The failure of the ports deal with DP World, based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, will create a chilling effect on the vital relationship with key Arab allies in the Middle East (“Port deal off; effect on future unclear,” News, Friday).
In this case, an Arab company that happens to be an industry world leader was found guilty without any incriminating evidence. This story has unfortunately demonstrated that in our nation, being affiliated with anything “Arab” will result in the automatic assumption of a threat to our national security.
President Bush is correct in his apprehension of the long-term negative effects this story will have in the Middle East. One need not look further than the racist language that we saw used regarding the deal to see how our elected officials and a number of journalists transformed themselves into Islamophobic pundits catering to the worst elements of fear, hatred and ignorance.
While this controversy will have lingering political implications domestically, its worst results will be the unfortunate message we elected to send to people in the Middle East.
The failure of this business transaction only serves to affirm the destructive message that is routinely sent by extremists in that region of the world.
Kareem Shora
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Washington, DC

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