ADC Demands Accountability for NAACP Office Bombing


American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

ADC Demands Accountability for NAACP Office Bombing

Washington, DC | | January 9, 2015 – The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) stands with NAACP in the aftermath of a bombing that took place at its office in Colorado Springs, CO. The bombing took place last Thursday with no injuries. Authorities have yet to name suspects in the case.

ADC condemns to the highest degree any form of violence in the midst of heightened racial tensions in the country. ADC especially believes that an attack on those fighting for civil rights is an attack on the very principles on which this country was founded. ADC demands accountability to the NAACP in this regard.

This unfortunate incident parallels the bombing of ADC’s office in Santa Ana, CA in 1985. The bombing took the life of ADC West Coast Regional Director and Civil Rights Leader Alex Odeh. Though authorities identified suspects in the case, no actions has been taken to bring them to justice. This is a tremendous offense against the American people.

We hope that the NAACP office bombing does not encounter the same negligence. We call on authorities to find the perpetrators of this incident and prosecute them to the highest degree. It is necessary that civil rights organizations obtain the justice to which they are entitled, and have tirelessly dedicated their work for years.

ADC has dedicated itself to defending the civil rights of all Americans and will continue to do so.

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