ADC Congratulates Arab American Election Winners

Washington, DC | | November 7, 2018 | ADC extends its congratulations to the Arab American candidates who secured victory in last night’s 2018 midterm Congressional elections.  In this pivotal midterm race, the Arab American community together with other communities of color in the U.S. made history. This election had a record number of Arab and Muslim American candidates running for office in large part thanks to the exceptional rate of grassroots mobilization by the Arab American community.

Arab American women, in particular, had a vital role in the unprecedented high number of women candidates that ran for office in this election. ADC congratulates Rashida Talib (MI), who is the first Palestinian and Muslim American woman elected to the U.S. Congress as well as Ilhan Omar (MN), who is the first Somali and Muslim American woman to win a U.S. congressional seat. Adding to this historic race is Donna Shalala (FL) winning Florida’s 27th district.

ADC takes this opportunity to congratulate all the Arab American federal candidates that won in this election; Ralph Abraham (LA) US Congress 5th District, Darin LaHood (IL) US Congress 18th District, Garret Graves (LA) US Congress 5th District, and Justin Amish (MI) US Congress 6th District. Also, winning his re-election as New Hampshire’s Governor is Arab American Chris Sununu. ADC congratulates the countless other Arab Americans who won local municipal level elections. It is important to note that there are still several other Arab American candidates whose election results have yet to be confirmed.

ADC expresses its special congratulations to ADC National Board Member Michael Saba for winning South Dakota’s Ninth District seat in the South Dakota House of Representatives.
Arab American participation in the US political process is an essential part of our community continuing to contribute and build this nation.  It is worth noting there were over 60 Arab American candidates running for office in local, state and federal elections. ADC takes pride in supporting Arab American leadership in the U.S political system and our community’s participation.


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