ADC Condemns the Assassination of MP Gebran Tueni

December 13, 2005
Washington, DC — The American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee strongly condemns the assassination of Gebran Tueni, 48, a prominent journalist and recent member of the Lebanese parliament.
Tueni was killed yesterday when a bomb planted in a nearby car exploded in Beirut. The blast, which killed three others, occurred just a day after Tueni‘s return to Lebanon from an extensive stay in France.
Tueni, a prominent media figure, was the publisher of An-Nahar newspaper, which was founded by his grandfather, Gebran Tueni. In May 2005, he became a member of the Lebanese parliament. Tueni is survived by his wife, Siham, and his four children.
ADC abhors this type of senseless violence, and calls on the Lebanese and the international community to undertake immediate measures to expedite the investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice. ADC President Mary Rose Oakar added, “We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Gebran Tueni and to the Lebanese people.”

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