ADC condemns assassination of Benazir Bhutto; civilian deaths

Washington D.C. || ADC is saddened by the loss of former Pakisitani Prime Minister Benezir Bhutto who was assassinated yesterday by a suicide bomber in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The attack also claimed the lives of 20 others.
ADC condemns the heinous bombing which occurred only days before parliamentary elections in Pakistan. Former Prime Minister Bhutto had returned to Pakistan months earlier after nearly a decade of exile for allegations of corruption. Bhutto had been targeted in earlier attacks and was ultimately murdered in one of her few public appearances since her return to her native land.
The bombing comes in the wake of tensions and political unrest across the nation. At this critical juncture in Pakistan’s history ADC hopes a tranquil and peaceful Pakistan will emerge.
ADC President Mary Rose Oakar said “There should be an objective investigation into the death of Madame Bhutto and the perpetrators must be brought to justice. During my years in the US Congress I was privileged to know Madame Bhutto. She was an intelligent, charming woman who spoke charismatically about the need for education, democracy and justice. The loss of Madame Bhutto is a great public loss and a personal sadness for me. She was not only a role model for women, both Muslim and non-Muslim, but also walked side by side honorably with heads of state from around the globe.”

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