ADC Christmas Day Message: A Call for Reflection

ADC Christmas Day Message: A Call for Reflection

Washington, D.C. | | December 25, 2023  — This Christmas morning let us take a moment to reflect on the ongoing genocide happening in Palestine, the birthplace of Jesus. As billions of Christians around the world celebrate the occasion of the birth of Jesus, the plight of the Palestinians, including Christians in Palestine today cannot be ignored. Since the start of the genocide Christians in Gaza have been systemically killed by Israeli Occupation Forces. Indiscriminate bombing by Israel has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians, and destroyed many houses of worship, including a bombing of the third oldest church in the world Saint Porphyrius Church, killing 18 people.

In Bethlehem, Palestine, the birthplace of Jesus, Christmas celebrations have been cancelled because of the ongoing genocide. Bethlehem is under military occupation, surrounded by Israeli checkpoints, the apartheid wall, and segregated illegal settlements. In Gaza, Christians who sought refuge in churches are now under siege, many being killed by Israeli snipers and bombs. Moreover, over 200,000 Palestinian Christians in Palestine, and countless more in exile, live under Israeli apartheid, facing restrictions on their right to religious freedom and worship.

A reminder that Jesus consistently aligned himself with the oppressed, offering solace and advocating for justice against the forces of oppression. He actively sought to uplift and fight for those marginalized by societal injustices. As the genocide in Palestine continues, the embodiment of his enduring message is found in Palestinians today and will lead to a Free Palestine.

Merry Christmas from the ADC Family. 

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