ADC Calls for a Boycott of Barstool Sports

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is disgusted and appalled by newly resurfaced videos of Barstool Sports founder, David Portnoy, making racist, anti-Black, anti-Arab and Islamophobic comments. While Portnoy is doubling down on what he is calling “comedy,” ADC strongly stands against the use of hateful language towards any group of people. We have seen the effects of racist rhetoric and do not tolerate bigotry in any form. Racism and discrimination are not a laughing matter. Being unapologetic about racism and defending it in the name of comedy weaponizes freedom of speech and normalizes bigotry.

ADC calls on all of David Portnoy’s sponsors, partners, and viewers to boycott Barstool Sports to show that society will not tolerate such unapologetic racism. We can no longer excuse hatred and must hold racists accountable for their actions and their rhetoric. Hate speech is not funny and can lead to violence. Calling on influencers to be mindful of their language and asking them to apologize for their wrongdoings is not “cancel culture”- it’s accountability.

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