ADC Board of Directors Congratulates President on Banner Year

The Board of Directors of ADC has adopted a resolution congratulating ADC President Ziad Asali and his staff on an exceptional year. The Board expressed full support and complete confidence in Dr. Asali’s continuing leadership, and recognized the extraordinary performance of the organization under his guidance during the most difficult circumstances over the past 18 months.
Among the accomplishments recognized by the Board:
* MEMBERSHIP: More than doubled;
* NEW CHAPTERS: 10 new and active chapters around the country;
* LEGAL CASES: Quadrupled — mostly immigration and employment discrimination; suing government in 2 cases involving detentions and sued 3 major airlines regarding discrimination; hired another staff attorney;
* LOBBYING: Hired full-time lobbyist; established Political Action Committee (PAC);
* EDUCATION: Hired full-time education staff assistant; increased resources for lesson plans and outreach to youth and schools;
* ADMINISTRATION: Hired Chief Administrative Officer; recruited office staff in New York, San Diego and Cleveland;
* RESEARCH: Completed comprehensive, definitive report on hate crimes and discrimination against Arab-Americans covering the period September 11, 2001 – October 11, 2002, forthcoming shortly;
* MEDIA: Highest media profile in history of organization;
* GOVERNMENT RELATIONS: Held scores of meetings with senior government and Congressional officials, including White House, State, Treasury, Justice and many other Departments;
* OUTREACH: Established and strengthened ties to numerous civil rights and ethnic organizations and coalitions across the country, including the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights.
* INTERNET: ADC’s dynamic new website now receives almost 2 million hits per month, and has generated over 15,000 letters to officials.
ADC‘s Board expressed gratification at the enhanced stature of the organization, both nationally and internationally, achieved in recent months.

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