ADC Announces New Legal Director

Washington, DC | February 5, 2008 | | The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is pleased to announce Nawar Shora, JD, as Legal Director of ADC‘s Legal Department.
Nawar Shora has worked for ADC more than six years. Shora joined ADC as a legal intern in 1999 and then joined the staff as a Legal Advisor in 2001. In 2002, Shora created the ADC Law Enforcement Outreach Program (LEOP) which has trained over 12,000 individuals in six years and tens of thousands through online training and DVDs. Shora has worked with airlines on their online training methods, and the Federal government on a myriad of issues including training software to better educate their employees about the post 9/11 communities. Additionally, he has reached out and trained numerous interfaith and church groups. As Legal Director, Shora will be responsible for day-to-day operations of the ADC Legal Department and will work with ADC leadership on matters of legal policy. Shora will also continue to be the ADC Director of Diversity Education and Law Enforcement Outreach.
ADC President, Mary Rose Oakar, stated “It is well deserved to see Nawar now lead the department for which he was a legal intern; during his six years as a legal advisor at ADC, Nawar has worked diligently and unselfishly for ADC.”
To report an incident of discrimination, contact ADC‘s Legal Department. You may report an incident online at:
The Legal Department can also be reached at:
Telephone: 202-244-2990 | Fax: 202-244-7968 | Email:

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