ACTION ALERT: This World Refugee Day, Tell Congress to Welcome Refugees

Today, World Refugee Day 2019, The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), in coalition with the Refugee Council USA and hundreds of civil and human rights organizations across the country, are calling to protect refugees. ADC celebrates the bravery and resilience of refugees as well as their contributions to our nation. From joining the work force to sharing their cultures, refugees have always been an integral part of American society. Today we need to remind our policy makers that allowing refugees a chance at resettlement is not detrimental to our society, but rather a reason for its prosperity. In times where people are being forced out of their homes, we must welcome them with open arms. Stand in solidarity with refugees everywhere and remind policy makers that refugee resettlement is essential for the growth of our nation. Contact your Representatives TODAY and urge them to co-sponsor the GRACE Act (S.1088 & H.R.2146). To contact by phone, dial (866) 961-4293. Please call 3 times to be connected with both of your Senators and your Representative.

The current administration has reduced the Refugee Resettlement Program by 75%, setting this year’s admissions goal at only 30,000 – the lowest in U.S. history. Join us in making sure the U.S. continues its welcoming legacy by supporting the GRACE Act, which would set the admissions goal at 95,000 refugees for Fiscal Year 2020. Contact your Representatives TODAY!
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