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Open Call for Writing Fellowship Program Sponsored by The Walt Disney Studios and ADC would like to make members aware of the Writing Fellowship Program sponsored by The Walt Disney Studios and ABC Entertainment. As part of their mission to discover and employ creative talent, including culturally and ethnically diverse writers, The Walt Disney Studios are offering eleven, one-year fellowships in the feature film and television areas.
This Program is open to all writers; no previous experience is necessary. Members of the Writer’s Guild of America should apply through the WGA’s employment office.
A $50,000 salary for a one-year period tentatively beginning in January 2004. Also coach round trip airfare and one month’s accommodations for fellows chosen from outside the Los Angelos area.
How to apply:
The application, program letter agreement, writing sample, work resume, and biography must be submitted together between June 1, 2003 and June 27, 2003. There is no application fee. The program letter agreement must be notarized. All writing samples must be registered with the Writers Guild of America, west, Inc. or the U.S. Library of Congress.
Writing Samples:
Appropriate writing samples for the feature film division include: a live action motion picture screenplay (no longer than 120 pages) or one play, in 2-3 acts.
Appropriate writing samples for the television division include: a full-length script appropriate for a half-hour or one-hour television series, based on a current prime time television or cable broadcast series. Plays will not be accepted for the television division.
Unacceptable materials for both divisions include treatments, outlines, short stories, poems, books, magazine/newspaper articles, audio/video tapes, drawings, or scripts adapted from other material not indicative of writing for television or film (such as a novel). Feature animation, musicals of any kind, sequels to motion pictures, and original television pilots are also unacceptable.
The Walt Disney Studios and ABC Entertainment
Writing Fellowship Program
500 South Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521-4389
(818) 560-6894

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