A New Year Message from ADC President Mary Rose Oakar and Chair James Abourezk

Dear members and friends,
As 2005 draws to a close, ADC wishes you a very pleasant, healthy and successful New Year. This year has been a challenging one for many across the world, however this has also been a year of solidarity and togetherness in the face of adversity. As we reflect back, let us come together in hopes for peace and justice through out the world.
This year, ADC celebrated 25 years of dedicated service to civil and human rights. Over the years, ADC has provided a framework though which Arab Americans can channel their efforts towards a unified and collective voice. ADC has dealt with issue of concerns to the community through counseling and selected impact litigation, advocacy and policy work, publishing information, combating defamation and negative stereotypes in the media, and bolstering the lobbying arm on domestic and foreign policy. To stay up to date with issues of concern to the Arab-American community visit https://www.adc.org.
We are also proud to say that ADC acquired a permanent home in Washington, DC. The new building is first permanent home for our organization since its inception 25 years ago, and will stand as a testament to the significance of ADC as an integral part of the civil and human rights community in our nation’s capitol.
Additionally, the 2005 Convention was an amazing success, encompassing panels and events that addressed serious issues, which affect our community. Stay tuned for information on our upcoming convention in June 2006.
Finally, we would like to give thanks to all those who have supported us in our mission of protecting civil and human rights, and promoting our rich cultural heritage. It is through the hard work and efforts of members, friends, and staff members, that ADC has become the institution that it is today.
Once again, ADC thanks you and wishes you and your family the best on the New Year.
ADC President Mary Rose Oakar
ADC Chair James Abourezk

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