28 Years after Alex Odeh’s Murder, the US Government should Indict Terrorists

28 Years after Alex Odeh’s Murder, the US Government should Indict Terrorists

28 years ago, a terrorist attack killed a US citizen on US soil. Although the FBI identified three suspects right after the attack, to date, none of them has been indicted or even questioned.

On the morning of October 11, 1985, in the city of Santa Ana, California, a pipe bomb exploded as Alex Odeh opened the door to the Southern California Regional Office of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). Shortly after, Alex was pronounced dead at the local hospital. The explosion injured seven other people and demolished the office. 

Alex was scheduled to speak at a Friday prayer service at a synagogue in Fountain Valley, CA the day of his murder. 

The FBI identified the murderers almost immediately after the attack. On November 9, 1985, FBI spokesman Lane Bonner named the JDL as the terrorist organization behind Alex Odeh’s murder. On July 16, 1986, while testifying at a Congressional hearing, FBI Executive Assistant Director Oliver Revell confirmed that the FBI had identified the “extremist elements” who were responsible for Alex’s murder.

The FBI designates the JDL as a right-wing terrorist group. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the JDL as a hate group for its “long history of bombing, assaulting and threatening its perceived enemies” such as “Palestinian leaders, prominent black Americans and even Jewish moderates”

To date, twenty-eight years later, no arrests or charges have been made. The US government has not even interviewed or questioned the suspects.

Please demand justice for Alex Odeh by signing this petition.

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