2022 ADC Convention Schedule is Here!

Washington, DC | www.adc.org | June 7, 2022|  We are excited to announce our convention panels. We look forward to discussing important issues that affect our community, and bring together experts from business, academia, grassroots, and policy backgrounds. Be sure to register soon, and don’t miss out on these great sessions!

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Free Speech for Some, Not All: Silencing Voices Through “Content Moderation”

The debate over free speech in the digital space is front and center, with many different perspectives.  While some voices call for social media companies to have zero content moderation, others highlight the need for some moderation. The panelists will discuss the role and responsibility social media companies have in implementing content moderation measures on their platforms, and the direct impact that has on our community members, including Palestinian voices and allies.

Speakers: Matthew Feeney, Omar Baddar. Moderated by ADC Legal Director Abed Ayoub

The Kid are Alright: Intersectional Activism and the Youth Movement

The youth panel will focus on the intersection of issues and the progressive actions by youth today. Our communities have seen an influx of allies in many of our movement spaces, specifically Palestine and Black Lives Matter. We will discuss what the youth are doing to work together, and how working together has achieved concrete and impactful results.

Speakers: Mohammad Khader, Hannah Shraim, Rasha, Marcelle Afram. Moderated by ADC National Organizer Jinan Deena

Legislative Update and Working Lunch

ADC’s Legislative and Policy Coordinator Chris Habiby will be joined by Edward Ayoob, a partner at Barnes & Thornburg, to give the community an update on what is going on in DC. They will discuss both major issues before Congress and the Administration and issues specific to the Arab American community. Following the update, Chris and Edward will take questions from the audience.

Unique Economics: Challenges and Opportunities in a New Economy

Arab Americans play a vital role in the US economy and do so without protections afforded to other minority groups. They also are not immune to the economic pressures faced by the country as a whole. This panel will focus on the health of the economy, what obstacles exist for business owners and entrepreneurs, and will feature testimony from business owners who experience firsthand the obstacles that Arab Americans face. Hosted by ADC Legislative and Policy Coordinator Chris Habiby, this discussion will be underpinned by a discussion of ADC’s Minority Business Development Project.

Speakers: Zaid Naji, Rita Stephan. Moderated by ADC Legal Director Abed Ayoub

COGAT- Israel’s New Travel Restrictions: What Are They and How Will They Affect Travelers?

This panel will focus on the complicated and soon-to-be implemented ordinance concerning entry of foreign nationals to the occupied Palestinian territories. Panelists will discuss the intricacies of the ordinance, who is affected by them, and the relevant consequences should they be fully implemented. In addition to hearing from experts, the panel will highlight the struggle faced by Palestinian-Americans who wish to visit family and their ancestral homeland. Following the discussion, there will be an opportunity for audience members to ask questions.

Speakers: Dr. Hanna Hanania, Miko Peled, Chris Habiby. Moderated by ADC National Organizer Jinan Deena

The evening will end with our National Gala, with a reception beginning at 6pm. We look forward to welcoming you in person after 2 long years!

*Schedule and Panel Speakers are subject to change. Additional Speakers to be announced shortly.

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Stay tuned for more details! We hope you can join us at the Convention and Gala. See you then!


June 17 & June 18



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